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About Us

Manavi is a New Jersey based women’s rights organization committed to ending all forms of violence and exploitation against South Asian women living in the US.

Established in 1985, Manavi (meaning “primal woman” in Sanskrit) was the first organization to focus on issues of violence against women in the South Asian American community. Manavi’s work entails providing advocacy and direct services to victims of intimate violence. At the same time, it endeavors through organizing and education to shift community norms to render violence against women unacceptable and enhance support for victims as well as accountability of perpetrations of violence. Another aspect of Manavi’s goal is to increase cultural competency of mainstream practitioners, institutions, and organizations in the U.S., so that they may serve the South Asian community more effectively. Manavi’s ultimate objective is make sure that women of South Asian descent may exercise their fundamental right to live a life of safety and dignity.