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Advocacy Learning Center

The Advocacy Learning Center is an 18-month experiential course created to examine the vision, identify the principles and knowledge, and practice the skills and qualities that make advocacy a powerful force in the movement to end violence against women. In formulating the Advocacy Learning Center, Praxis International wanted the curriculum to reflect the diversity that embodies the US today. Manavi is providing that expertise on an ongoing basis through roundtables, written feedback, and acting as faculty members at the ALC institutes.

If you are a front-line advocate, crisis counselor or program manager/director of an independent, community-based advocacy organization or tribal advocacy program, funded by the federal Office on Violence Against Women, the Learning Center is designed for you and your program. We also welcome the participation of OVW-funded tribal, state, and national coalitions and groups that play a critical role in supporting advocacy programs. Working with other advocates, you will develop new ways to define and structure advocacy, from engaging and working with survivors to strategizing and acting to change systems and community responses. The Learning Center curriculum presents conceptual frameworks and theoretical foundations that can strengthen the application of advocacy in any setting. 


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We’d love to talk with advocacy programs about this opportunity. Call or e-mail Priya at 732-435-1414 , ext:111/ or, Praxis at 651-699-8000, ext. 16 /

Praxis International will begin accepting applications for the next ALC class soon. See how to apply!

We gratefully acknowledge Mali Kouanchao for original artwork that speaks to the power of advocacy as a force for change for women and children all over the world Image: Praxis International