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Advocacy & Counseling




Manavi’s advocacy is focused on changing opinions, attitudes, and conducts of individual/s or group/s to end violence against women. Manavi’s staff and volunteer advocates act to remove barriers that women face in seeking justice in the community and institutions. Our goal is to enhance women’s wellbeing, instill social justice, and right what has gone wrong.

To counteract the control that is wrenched from women by abusers, Manavi’s advocates seek to restore power to women. We believe that once women feel valued, they would change the conditions of their own lives. Hence, the counseling method Manavi utilizes is peer-to-peer, collaborative, and minimizes the traditional power differentials between counselor and counselee. The cornerstones of peer-to-peer counseling are: (a) Creating safety; (b) Building trust; and (c) Comprehending the socio-political antecedents of violence against women.

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