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Supportive Counseling



South Assupportive_counselingian women in the United States are especially vulnerable to abuse due to their cultural socialization, residency status, and isolation due to lack of fluency in English. Along with the lack of knowledge about many customs and laws in the new country, the loss of traditional household environments, restrictions of their visa status, and the complexities of negotiating life in a foreign language keep many South Asian women captive in abusive situations. Manavi’s objective is to reach out to these women and provide supportive services during their crises. Manavi combines counseling techniques of the West with the traditional South Asian familial counseling methods to make the services acceptable to community women.

Manavi’s staff and volunteer counselors, who provide cultural specific supportive counseling are DVRT and SART certified. In addition, they receive South Asia specific training in counseling.

Manavi advocates are available day and night to provide support to women in need.

If you are in crisis, need support or services, please call Manavi’s hotline: 732-435-1414