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Accompaniment Services

Supportive Accompaniment 



Many women, who call Manavi for assistance, feel that they are alone in this country. As immigrants, women arrive without their families or friends, and when they are abused by the one person they depend on for support, they feel forlorn and hopeless. In addition, if they have to deal with various institutional systems such as judiciary, public welfare, medical services, immigration, and child protection, they are in even more distress. Manavi provides support to women in such situations by accompanying them as they negotiate the institutions that have intruded in their lives.

Manavi’s trained staff members and volunteer advocates accompany women, as they work with various agencies (e.g., hospitals, legal services, courts, police departments, public benefit offices, etc.) and help them understand the policies, procedures, and practices of these institutions. The advocates can also help with translation, interpretation, and if necessary, transportation.

If you need assistance, please contact Manavi at: or 732-435-1414.