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Support Group


Manavi organizes support groups for South Asian women once a month in New Brunswick. These support groups are held on the last Saturday of each month and are run by trained facilitators. On average, group sessions last for one and a half hours. These sessions are completely confidential and childcare is provided.

Manavi’s support groups prosupport_groupvide emotional support for women as they work through the effects of abuse. These support group sessions are a safe place for women to share personal experiences of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Women can learn more about abuse an its effects on oneself and one’s children in these groups. These sessions provide a comfortable atmosphere where the woman can develop trusting and caring relationships and encourage her own personal growth. Informative workshops on diverse topics like woman’s reproductive health, coping with depression and anxiety, and financial management are also organized to expand survivors’ knowledge and life skills.

If you would like to find out more about women’s support group, please call: 732-435-1414 or send an Email to: